About SEEMiS

SEEMiS Group LLP is the only Managed Education MIS written specifically to address the requirements of Scottish Councils. It is now the standard MIS within Scottish education, and by March 2015, all of the local authority student population of Scotland will have their data processed and managed within the fully integrated SEEMiS software.

Originally formed by twelve of the ex-Strathclyde Councils, SEEMiS delivers an effective MIS system to all sectors of the education system. The breadth, quality and value of the products and services provided is now widely recognised and SEEMiS has seen its membership rise to encompass all 32 local authorities in Scotland. In July 2010, the organisation became a Limited Liability Partnership wholly owned and managed by the then 28 member councils. In 2014 the remaining four Local Councils became members of SEEMiS and by March 2015 SEEMiS applications will be used in all local authority schools in Scotland. There is a Board of Management, containing both Council Officers and Elected Members, that acts on the behalf of the members.

SEEMiS continues to work closely with its current members to identify areas where updated or new software modules can enhance the effectiveness of the services delivered by its member councils. SEEMiS is focused on the needs of its members who are represented by five geographically based User Groups and Council Management Teams.

As a fully managed service, SEEMiS continues to concentrate on providing leading edge MIS services to the Education sector.

Change to SEEMiS domain

As of the 4th of December, our website will only be available at SEEMiS.GOV.SCOT
Daily updates on our progress will be available here.